The voice of Europe's independent fuel suppliers

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 UPEI represents some 2,000 European importers and wholesale/retail distributors of energy for the transport and heating sectors, supplying Europe’s customers independently of the major energy producers.

They are the interface between producers and consumers, using their own infrastructure and flexibility to supply existing demand for conventional and renewable liquid fuels, as well as non-liquid alternatives as part of the energy transition. They cover more than a third of Europe’s current demand. The organisation brings together national associations and suppliers across Europe.

Independent fuel suppliers bring competition to Europe’s energy market and are able to respond rapidly to changes affecting supply, contributing to security on a local, national and regional level. They have developed and maintain a comprehensive infrastructure for the sourcing, storage and distribution of transport and heating fuels, with a commitment to delivering a high quality service to all consumers, including those in remote areas.

Since 1962 UPEI has been advocating for a level playing field and fair competition to ensure an affordable, sustainable and secure energy supply for Europe’s consumers. Today, in the context of the transition to a low carbon economy, UPEI and its members are also addressing the challenges of adapting the product range and meeting consumer demand through market oriented solutions.

With its strong track record in pioneering the supply of renewable fuels in the EU, UPEI’s members remain committed to delivering and embracing new, cost effective solutions which further promote energy efficiency and reduce pollutants and emissions.