2030 Commitments 2050 Vision and Beyond

UPEI Reviewed Vision 2050 UPEI, Europe’s Independent Fuels Suppliers Association, published in   2019 its Vision for 2050. Now, the major shocks that have affected the   global energy system over the last three years, particularly the COVID   19 pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, combined with the   fact that no improvement has been measured yet on the climate   evolution, required an even more coordinated approach to promote the   energy transition towards a  more sustainable, resilient, and affordable   energy system. Keeping this idea in mind, UPEI reviewed its  2050   Vision, highlighting the major contribution  which our sector of the   energy  supply chain can and will make to support the Europeans to   operate in carbon-neutral economy and society.

Our infrastructure is ready to deliver many alternative fuels to all consumers at affordable prices. To do so, a major condition to attract public and private investment, is to promote the support of policymakers, particularly at EU-level,  making sure technology neutrality is guaranteed by further supporting hydrogen, encouraging existing infrastructures, ensuring legislative clarity, establishing a smart energy taxation system, and integrating the social dimension in the  transition. We need therefore to understand first:

  •  What has changed since 2019?
  •  How can the European Independent Fuel Suppliers contribute to solving the challenges posed by these new developments?
  •  What UPEI Members expect from the EU and Member States policy makers?

 All these elements are developed in UPEI's reviewed 2050 Vision.