The Energy Union

In February 2015, the European Commission adopted its Energy Union Framework, designed to deliver a secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy supply to the EU’s citizens and businesses. It is built on five dimensions: security of supply, integration of the internal energy market, energy efficiency, climate action, and research and innovation.

In November 2016, the European Commission presented a new package of proposal – the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package - with the goal of providing the necessary stable legislative framework. With a view to stimulating investment in the clean energy transition, the three main goals of the package are: putting energy efficiency first, achieving global leadership in renewable energies and providing a fair deal for consumers. 

In November 2018, the European Commission adopted a strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy by 2050 – A Clean Planet for all. The strategy shows how Europe can lead the way to climate neutrality by investing into realistic technological solutions, empowering citizens, and aligning action in key areas such as industrial policy, finance, or research – while ensuring social fairness for a just transition.

UPEI welcomes these initiatives and calls for competitiveness to be at the heart of the approach to achieving this goal. We support actions designed to fully integrate the European energy market and to promote energy efficiency as a key dimension of future policies. On the transition to a low carbon economy, UPEI calls for an enhanced policy dialogue which recognizes the contribution of current and future energy sources, in order to guarantee a smooth and viable transition for Europe’s households and businesses.

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