Our contribution

UPEI, representing Europe’s independent fuel suppliers, is in a unique position to offer perspectives to the EU long-term strategy.

UPEI members are fully aware of the climate impact of the current fuel mix for fuels and are committed to provide flexible, affordable and clean energy to the consumer, to meet Europe’s short- and long-term climate objectives.
UPEI members can channel the transition, as critical elements of the connecting tissue that keeps the energy and mobility systems in operation. In a context where renewable energy production will become more diversified and decentralised, independent fuel suppliers have a major role to play in bringing these energies to the end users.

UPEI members will contribute by:

  • Repurposing and investing in distribution infrastructure
    UPEI members have an extensive infrastructure for storing and moving products across Europe and own more than a fifth of the total retail network in Europe. They are ready to re-purpose this extensive infrastructure to meet evolving consumer demands.
  • Making the most of their expertise
    UPEI members have developed an expertise in the supply and distribution of fuels and energies. Independents are frontrunners. They have a strong track record in pioneering the supply of renewable fuels in the EU. 
  • Making the link with consumers
    UPEI members are the closest to consumers, as retailers are the last elements of a long supply chain. Retail stations will therefore help communicate effectively the energy transition to the consumers.
  • Leaving no one behind
    Independent fuel suppliers can bring low carbon solutions to consumers outside main conurbations, in mountainous and rural areas, and generally push prices down by bringing competition in the market, ensuring affordability.

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