The challenge

The EU long-term strategy stresses that the decarbonisation of key sectors such as mobility and heating & cooling cannot be based on silver bullets

There is no single solution
The market introduction rate of battery-electric vehicles is not fast enough to provide the necessary carbon emission reduction, while the electrification of heating is slow. We also need to clean up the existing vehicle stock and appliances; 

Each challenge requires a dedicated response
including carbon neutral solutions for segments or applications which are difficult, or not effective to electrify;

Renewable electricity production is growing
We need solutions to balance fluctuating generation and store energy for the long term.

This is not a choice between electricity and fuels, both will be needed
It is a move from high carbon to low carbon, and from fossil to renewable that is required (for electricity, liquid and gaseous fuels). Not only both will be needed, but research also shows that a combination of different technologies can maximise emission cuts at the lower cost and with the best use of our resources.

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