Our vision

UPEI vision promotes the use of existing technologies and the improvement of energy efficiency to reduce emissions immediately, while developing carbon neutral fuels to suit all needs and applications by 2050.


In the short term

The following solutions can immediately bring benefits

  • Focus on energy efficiency first
    Alongside technological and design developments to reduce fuel consumption of new appliances, more efficient supply systems will also make energy use more sustainable.
  • Increased use of sustainable biofuels blended into conventional fuels
    Sustainable biofuels are mature technologies and can be further deployed in an effective manner by being blended into conventional fuels, even in applications where they are not yet commonly used (aviation, non-road mobile machineries, maritime transport, heating & cooling)
  • Increased deployment of other alternative fuels
    All alternative fuels can bring a significant contribution to reaching climate objectives, in addition to air quality benefits. They must be largely deployed, based on their suitability for each application, and able to compete fairly against each other.


In the long term

Carbon neutral fuels should be fully deployed to reach net zero carbon at the horizon 2050, alongside green electricity and hydrogen

These carbon neutral fuels are advanced renewable fuels and can be produced in a number of ways:

Advanced biofuels and biogases
Produced from biogenic feedstocks

+ around 100% GHG savings compared with fossil fuel equivalents, and even over thanks to avoided emissions

+ production costs closing the gap with fossil fuels for certain pathways

+ generate wealth within the growing European bioeconomy

E-fuels or Power-to-X
Advanced renewable fuels produced from renewable electricity via electrolysis

+ carbon neutral thanks to renewable electricity

+ complementary way to store electricity, in liquid or gaseous form

+ can be distributed and used in the existing infrastructure and appliances

Recycled carbon fuels
Fuels produced from industrial waste gases or based on non-recyclable plastics